Which Clair is Your Strongest?


The 4 Main Clairs

As a psychic or medium, you have different faculties or qualities within you that aide you in your work. These faculties are the channels in which information flows through you. It is then up to you as the psychic or medium to move into the information to understand its meaning. Clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience are 4 of the most common clairs. There are more but, these are the 4 we will focus on today.


Which ‘Clairs’ Show the Strongest in You?

Write down the number of each statement that best describe you. Try not to overthink your answer, it’s best to go with your first reaction. You will choose more than one attribute.

  1. When I have free time, I enjoy losing myself in a good book. 

  2. I see colors, shapes, objects, or pictures when I close my eyes.

  3. I often receive answers to questions, flashes of clarity, or inspiration unexpectedly, out of the blue.

  4. I have been known to feel the presence of spirits or energy connected to a person or place.

  5. If I’m feeling low, music can transport me to a better place.

  6. I make it a special point to stop and enjoy the sunrise or sunset whenever I can!

  7. I regularly talk to my pets, and feel they are communicating back to me.

  8. I have a busy mind –lots of thoughts, questions and ideas popping in at all times – but when it’s time to make a decision I can pull it together and see the right choice, clearly.

  9. I sometimes have a powerful emotional or physical reaction when I’m in a crowd.

  10. I gain more from listening to others than from talking.

  11. I sometimes see flashes, images, and light out of the corner of my eye.

  12. I find spending time with my pets healing.

  13. I’m good at analyzing and making sense of the motivation and behavior of others.

  14. I sometimes get lost in daydreams during the day, and have wonderful, clear dreams at night.

  15. My friends and family call me the “human lie detector” because I can tell when they are telling the truth... and when they are not.

  16. I sense physical injury or illness in others and sometimes even feel their pain in my own body.

  17. On more than one occasion, I have received telepathic information from other people

  18. I commonly describe things using vivid metaphors.

  19. I sometimes experience a buzzing in my ears, or get an odd, blank sensation of quietness.

  20. I can tell what others are feeling without speaking to them.

Scoring your answers.

Below you will see numbers 1-20. Each number has a letter assigned to it. Each letter represent a clair (see below). Look at the numbers you wrote down as an attribute that best describes you. Add the corresponding letter below to each number your wrote down. For example: if you chose #3 above, you would find #3 below and the letter associated with #3 which is the letter C. On your paper, write C next to #3. Do this for all the numbers you wrote down.

Now, add up the total C’s, V’s, A’s, and S’s. For Example: C = 1 V = 7 A = 3 S = 9

Don’t be surprised if you are strong in more than one area!

1)C 2)V 3)C 4)S 5)A 6)V 7)A 8)C 9)S 10)A 11)V 12)S 13)C 14)V 15)C 16)S 17)A 18)V 19)A 20)S

C = Claircognizance

V = Clairvoyant

A = Clairaudient

S = Clairsentience

How many statements did you check in each area? 

Do you have three or more answers associated with any one letter? If so, it’s likely you have strong qualities in that particular “clair.”

In the example above, V = 7 and S = 9. This person has strong traits of clairvoyance and Clairsentience.

Here’s what your answers reveal about your psychic or mediumistic abilities:

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

You clearly see the past, present, and future for yourself and others.

You may see images or signs that others cannot - images or signs as you go about your day, or visions in dreams. Most commonly, if you are clairvoyant you will see these images in your mind.

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

You clearly hear Spirit’s messages and deliver more accurate readings.

You can hear messages and receive psychic impressions – either audibly or inside your mind. With practice you can learn to have two-way conversations with the Spirit people in your mind

Clairsentience (clear feeling)

You clearly feel the energy of others— and know exactly who to trust.

Clairsentience is the empathic ability to feel and sense the emotional energy of people, animals, spirits, and places around you. You are sensitive to the feelings of others, and often will experience their emotions in your heart and in your body.

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

You clearly know the right decisions to make in your life.

The ability to ‘just know’ information – which often comes to you spontaneously – out of the blue! Sometimes this information can come in the form of facts and figures, other times, it comes in the form of simply a certainty when making a choice or evaluating a relationship or situation.

Most psychics and mediums have some combination of the above qualities, at varying degrees of strengths, and we can choose to develop them at any time.

Mavis mentorship #1 in Ashford, United Kingdom.

Mavis mentorship #1 in Ashford, United Kingdom.

What’s coming down the pipe?

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Mavis mentorship #2 in Ashford, United Kingdom

Mavis mentorship #2 in Ashford, United Kingdom

Thank you for checking out my videos but mostly, thank you for wanting to take your mediumistic skills to the next level!!! The World NEEDS MORE GREAT MEDIUMS!