5 Commonly asked Questions Psychics and Mediums Hear

5 Commonly asked Questions Psychics and Mediums Hear

It always amazes me of what non-mediums or non-psychics think about those of us who are a medium or psychic. I get asked all the time to perform on the spot by friends, acquaintances and even strangers that I’ve just met. I sat one day and pondered the reasons for such demands and I decided it is most likely because they don’t really understand how it all works for us.

1.   Question: Are you getting anything for me right now?

If we are having casual conversation, then I’m not tuned into the spirit world. I’m only getting someone if I’m working. It’s that simple.

2.   Question: Do you see anyone around me right now?

This is the same as question #1. If I’m not working, I’m not tuned in to you. Sometimes in casual conversation, things will come through unintentionally but, it’s not in depth. It’s only pieces of information.

3.   Question: I have this problem…are you picking anything up?

This is a question that is best saved for a proper reading or when the medium has time to tune in and see what’s happening. Otherwise, you will only get a minimum answer.

4.   Question: Is he/she the ‘one’ for me?

This is a common question in readings. We all want to know the answer to this right. The truth is the medium can let you know if the compatibility is there and if it feels like a good fit for you. Mediums can share what type of person you are, what type of personality fits you and so forth. They may be able to see if the relationship stands a good chance but, it is up to you and your partner to make it work. If you don’t put the effort out, then it won’t really matter if the psychic says about your compatibility.

So to sum up this very important question, mediums can share things about you and your partner, can see if you are a good fit, but in order to make it happen,  you have to do the work.

5.   Question: Will I ever get married?

Another important question for sure. If you aren’t in a relationship, then the psychic would have to be able to see into the future or at best see the possibilities. Most can do this.  Some psychics prefer not to give predictions about future events.

The bottom line is if you put your focus or intent on finding a mate, you’ll most likely find one.

So here’s my advice folks.

If you know a psychic or medium:

  • Be respectful of the work they do

  • Be mindful that the work they do is very draining and they must take time off from working

  • Understand they are not always tuned in to the spirit world

  • Recognize that for many, the work they do pays the bills

  • Remember, mediums or psychics do not always have all the answers

  • The spirit world decides who is coming through

  • The spirit world is not around to answer all our questions

If you are wanting a psychic reading or a reading to connect with loved ones in the spirit world, there is a medium out there waiting for you!

Kay Reynolds is a medium, public speaker and author of the new book The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship. She trained as a medium at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College under the mentoring of Mavis Pittilla one of the college’s longest-standing tutors. OmTimes Magazine has featured Kay’s articles Dying with Grace, Becoming a Professional Medium and Signs from Heaven. In her new book, The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for the Developing Mediumship, she shares her personal mediumship journey along with practical exercises to aid in unlocking the ancient tools of mediumship held deep within the soul.