5 Myths about Mediums and Psychics

5 Myths about Mediums and Psychics

It always amazes me of what non-mediums or non-psychics think about those of us who are a medium or psychic. I get asked all the time to perform on the spot by friends, acquaintances and even strangers that I’ve just met. I sat one day and pondered the reasons for such demands and I decided it is most likely because they don’t really understand how it all works for us. 

So here we go.

5 Myths about Mediums

1. Myth: We are always ‘on’ working.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are NOT always working. Working as a medium is very draining afterwards. We must give ourselves a break from the work we do. I have a rule to never do more than 4 30-minute readings in a day. I also won’t work more than 2 hours for a demonstration of mediumship to an audience with an intermission in between. 

We also must set our intentions to work. So, if I know I’m going to be working in a few minutes, I mentally prepare myself for the work ahead. 

I’ve had people ask me to give them a reading while I’m having dinner with wine. Mediums should never give readings while under the influence of alcohol. 

2. Myth: We can contact anyone you like from the spirit world.

I’ve had clients who want me to contact a specific person in the spirit world and no one else.  It’s not like phoning a friend. If only it were that simple. When I work, I do not summon certain people to come forward. It is up to the spirit world to decide who is coming for a visit. I have nothing to do with it! 

You can give me the name of a person and I can put my intent on the name they give me but, there’s no guarantee the person will come forward or how good the connection will be. Plus it’s rude to put such demands on the spirit world to show up. 

It is always best to let the spirit world decide on who will step forward. 

3. Myth: The spirit world will answer all your questions.

Oh my gosh, this one is big. I’ve been asked to summon the spirit world for answers regarding many topics. Folks, if it were that easy, I would have already won the lottery several times and would be on a yacht somewhere sipping a margarita. 

The spirit world is not there to answer are millions of questions. They have far better things to be doing than answering all of our questions. 

It is our job to search within to find the answers we need. We hold all the answers deep within our soul. We must be disciplined enough to quiet the mind and listen. Then we must trust what we receive. 

The spirit world is happy to guide us on important decisions but, they don’t give us answers. They help us find the answers. 

4. Myth: We always know the answers or the action before it happens.

Psychics don’t have the answers for everything everyday all day long. We don’t always know what is about to happen. It is true, we often get a feeling about things or maybe know things before they happen. What is important to know, is it’s not all the time. 

I’ve had people say things along the lines of well you should know how many children I have because you are psychic. If I’m not working, why would I know if we’ve only just met? 

I have an ethics rule to never read someone without their knowledge. In the middle of a conversation, I may have small bits of information come to me but, it is unsolicited. I may also know quickly about your character or mood. Do I get a good vibe or a bad vibe? This type of thing happens naturally. 

Bottom line, psychics don’t know everything all the time. 

5. Myth: It’s a gift therefore, you should not charge. 

For 5 years, I never charged for a reading or a public demonstration. I had another job then and I didn’t need to charge. I no longer have a job therefore; I charge. 

I have spent thousands of dollars training to be the best medium I can be and have given up a lot of my spare time to attend courses. Becoming a medium is not an easy road to travel. It can also be a lonely road if you don’t have a friend who is on the same path and training along side you. You really do give up a lot to be a medium. 

You deserve to be paid just like a lawyer, doctor, or preacher deserves to get paid for the services they provide. You wouldn’t go to a counselor and expect free counseling so why would you expect a medium to give you a reading for free? 

I’ve been told, it is a gift so you shouldn’t charge. My doctor has the gift of healing people. I don’t expect her service for free even though she’s gifted. 

I have a very small close group of friends that I will gladly give a reading for free but, everyone else needs to pay. I have bills to pay just like everyone else. 

I do plenty of charity events as a way of giving back to my community. Most people don’t do their job for charity. I will!

So here’s my advice folks. 

If you know a psychic or medium:

  • Be respectful of the work they do 

  • Be mindful that the work they do is very draining and they must take time off from working 

  • Understand they are not always tuned in to the spirit world

  • Recognize that for many, the work they do pays the bills

  • Remember, mediums or psychics do not always have all the answers

  • The spirit world decides who is coming through

  • The spirit world is not around to answer all our questions 

If you are wanting a psychic reading or a reading to connect with loved ones in the spirit world, there is a medium out there waiting for you! 

Kay Reynolds is a medium, public speaker and author of the new book The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship. She trained as a medium at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College under the mentoring of Mavis Pittilla one of the college’s longest-standing tutors. OmTimes Magazine has featured Kay’s articles Dying with Grace and Becoming a Professional Medium.