Batter Up

As a child, I spent many hours on the baseball field. If I weren’t on the field playing myself, then I was in the dugout assisting my dad as he coached my older brother. I loved the game, that’s for sure. I still do although my body is a bit rusty to be playing now. 

I can still hear my dad yelling, “Batter-up!” 

That was the call signal. The signal telling me it was my turn to walk to the plate. It was my turn to keep my eye on the ball. It was my turn to swing with all my might placing the ball in an open space on the field so the runners ahead of me could make it home. 

“Batter-up” meant it was time to make everything I learned matter not just for me but, for the team. 

My dad is no longer here to yell “Batter-up” but, I know from the unseen world he is saying to me, “Batter-up.” I know he is saying to me take your place in the batters box because this is your time. If he were here, he’d be giving me my pep talk. He’d be saying you’ve worked all season for this moment. You can do this. It’s just like practice. Step up to the plate. Find the hole in the field, keep your eye on the ball, take a level swing and then run like hell to first base. That’s what he’d be saying only this time, it wouldn’t be about baseball. It would be about my book. 

He wouldn’t want me to stop now. I’ve done the work. It wasn’t easy. It was frustrating at times but, I’ve gone the distance. He’d want me to keep my eye on my dream. He’d want me to knock it out of the park not just for me, but for all those who will read my book. He’d say do it for yourself and those who are once where I was many years ago as I banged my head on the door trying to make sense of maneuvering my way through this thing I called my mediumship journey. 

So, here I go.