Becoming a Professional Medium

The most asked question in mediumship circles is how do you know you have made it to the professional medium level.  The answers range anywhere from following your inner guidance to you will know when the time comes. Sorting through all the varying viewpoints is daunting. It’s easy to say one must follow their inner voice when making this decision and it’s true, you should listen to your inner voice but, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few guidelines to help you as you make your decision?

Being a medium is much more than connecting with those who have passed to the other side. It’s more than relaying evidence of the survival of our loved ones in the spirit world or passing on messages of love. Mediums also serve as healers to those left grieving as well as those who have passed. We truly are the bridge that brings the two worlds together allowing healing to take place.

With that, comes many responsibilities that go beyond the simple mechanics of conducting a reading. Before going professional, take a look at where you are in your development in regard to mechanics, general understanding of the spirit world, and how to package your evidence with empathy and compassion.  Consider asking the following questions as you assess your development.

  • Does your evidence flow smoothly from your spirit communicator, through you to your client?

  • Can you hold your power for the length of the reading?

  • When a client says no to a piece of evidence, do you continue without allowing the no to stop you or does the no cause you to drop out of your power?

  • Have you have mastered the art of delivering your evidence in a way that you are not triggering possible trauma to the recipient? Do you understand the ethics of mediumship, the power of words, and show empathy or compassion to all involved on both sides of the veil?

  • Do you have information, links, phone numbers or even business cards of agencies to share with your client, if they are in need of a professional consultation with a doctor, counselor, or other means of support?

  • Has your training provided you with a strong understanding of the spirit world and can you answer the tough questions your client may ask during a reading?

For example:

  • What happens when you die?

  1. Who is taking care of my baby in the spirit world?

  2. Is my friend who is responsible for taking their own life okay now?

  3. Why can't I feel my loved one like I did when they first passed?

There are three things you can do to see if you have mastered these criteria.

  • Create a simple checklist with each criteria. You can even add a few extra items to your list. Think of your strengths and weaknesses. Add the weaknesses to see how you are doing.

  1. Ask your recipient or sitter for permission to voice record the reading. Explain to them you are using their reading as an assessment for your own development.

  2. After the reading, listen to the recording and make notes on your list. Then, evaluate your results. Be honest.

It’s hard to listen to our readings and check ourselves but, if you want to work as your best, then this is a great tool to use. Don’t worry, if you feel you are not quite ready to make the shift into the professional world.

Many mediums ease their way into charging clients. Consider the following options if you are not quite ready to charge fully.

  • Practice on your friends or coworkers and ask for an honest opinion on the value of the reading. Give them your checklist and have them evaluate you.

  • Be up-front with your recipients. Tell them you are still learning and work for tips or donations only.

  • If you are almost reached full-time professional status, research the going rate for a medium in your area and charge half the price until you feel you are ready to charge full price.

Remember it isn’t the price we charge or the money we earn as a medium that makes us a medium. It is the quality of your work and how your services make a brighter world in which we live that will define us in the end. So, go on ask yourself the million-dollar question. Have you reached the level of a professional medium?

Kay Reynolds is a medium, spiritual consultant, teacher of mediumship, writer, and speaker.  This article is published in the January B edition of OMTimes Magazine. www.OMTimes.com You can find Kay at www.kayreynolds.org