Dear Soul

June 2, 2020

I know many people write in their journal about there day to day happenings and it only makes sense there would be some sort of healing taking place as they unload their troubles and even successes upon the paper they write. I love writing and I remember as a child having my own journal. It was a place for me to release my frustrations of being the youngest of 4 children. I was picked on mercifully as a child, or at least it was what I thought at the time. I know differently now but, still there was something about putting my thoughts on paper. It helped me to move beyond my troubles – to let go of what no longer served me.

Many years have passed since then and my journal writing has moved in an entirely different direction. I no longer begin with “Dear Diary” and I certainly don’t have the discipline to write every day or maybe it’s because life is more complicated now, busier. Whatever the reason, I know this for sure, my journal writing has evolved.

I’ve learned through the years to turn inward for direction or clarity. I know all that I seek can be found within. How do I know this? I accidently discovered this ancient secret on my quest to learn about being a medium. Every day I would ask my guides and inspirers what I needed to do to learn how to use these gifts I held within. Every day, the answer was you hold the key to all your answers within you. Search within and you’ll find your way. Well this frustrated the hell out of me. I needed answers yesterday. I didn’t have time to search within! I didn’t know how to search within. And where was the bloody key to unlock all this wisdom?

The struggle was real folks, that’s for sure. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, put my big girl panties on said, “Alright, you win. Help me to learn how to go within.” And so, the journey began. Each morning, I would sit and write to my guide. I would ask him all the questions he refused to answer and then I’d wait. I’d wait for him to place his hand gently on mine and begin to write me back. I had heard about automatic writing where some other force beyond our world would somehow take control of the pen and begin to write. I thought it was worth a try. I mean really, I needed answers and I needed them now. I was willing to try anything.

I think it would be fair to say, I faked it at first. I’m pretty sure that happened but, what was amazing is slowly over time, the messages began to become quite profound. Even today, I return to some of those writings and can’t believe what was written and how true the words are even today. Somewhere along the way, I realized it was necessarily my guide answering me. It was my soul. This was a huge revelation for me. It was at this time, I finally understood what he meant by “go within” to seek your answers.

Fast forward to today, as I write my letters to my soul, my response may come from my soul or from a collective group of higher evolved souls who are a part of my journey. Below is a journal entry.

Dear Soul,
I awoke early this morning – 4 am early with my mind racing with thoughts of all that has transpired so far this year especially in the last several days. I didn’t want to get up but something within urged me to move my body and begin my day. I did the usual – made myself a cup of coffee and fed the starving cats. I found myself making my way to the deck. I didn’t sit down as I usually do. I walked to the edge and peered out into the distance. I could see the silhouette of the smoky mountains just beyond the valley below, the night sky was lit by a large cluster of stars and off in the distance I could hear what only could be the sound of a coyote yapping. I stood there in awe as I breathed in God’s creation. For a split second I forgot about the turmoil of my world. I forgot about the suffering of those I consider to be my brothers and sisters even though we have never met.
I thanked God for the stillness of the morning. I thanked Him for the gentle reminder that even in the midst of the chaos surrounding my world, that peace remains whenever you choose to seek it. I asked God what I could do to help my world. I asked Him where can we find the light shining to lead the way like a the lighthouse leads a ship. I now, ask you dear soul of mine, what words of wisdom do you have for me today? How does one find the light leading the way?

Dear Sweet Child,
It is with great sadness that we look upon you and witness such heartache and despair. It is our wish for all of mankind to be reminded from which they came and which they are made. For you see, my dear child, in our world we do not see you in human form. We see you as the Divine Light that you are, as the Divine Spark of the Creator. We do not see the flesh that houses your true spirit. We bypass the layers upon layers of human experiences that often creates a cloud covering your true essence. We do not see black, white or yellow. In fact we see all the colors of your soul and what a magnificent sight it is to behold.
It is our wish that you too can experience – see, feel, what we experience when we cast our focus upon you. Your light shines brightly. We remind you of the power you have within that can touch the souls who have lost their way.
“How do you do that? you ask. It’s simple.”
Go within my child. Allow your soul to rise and shine your true essence outwards. Allow the beacons of light emanating from you touch souls near and far lighting the way forward. As you walk in Divine Love and good intentions your light raises the vibration of your world. It is exactly what you need now.
It is our wish for mankind to remember there is but one race in your world – the human race. As we see it, you are all people of color – red, yellow, black, green white and even colors you haven’t experienced in your world but, we see them! We feel them and we know without hesitation you are all a part of Divine Eternal love. When things go awry, go within and find your spark of the Divine. It is all the light you need. Know that you are always held in love from our world and are perfect in every way. Shine bright my sweet child, the world needs you.
Eternal Love,