Heavenly Moms

It's been 774 days, six hours and 34 minutes since my mom took her last breath. That's what we do when we are missing someone who meant more to us than life itself. We count the days, the minutes and sometimes the seconds on how long it's been since we heard their voice, felt their tender touch or saw their smile beaming across a room.

Grief is hard. They say it will get better in time. I'm pretty sure that's a lie. Yes, you eventually move on with your life but, the ache in your heart is still there. You still yearn to be with them. You still think of them on every holiday, special anniversary and even during the simple day to day events like watching a grandchild playing a sport game. You wonder if they are nearby or if they can watch from Heaven. You wish for them to be sitting beside you watching the game.

As a medium, I know those in the spirit world only a thought away. I know that when I think of Mom, she draws close to me. I also know she can experience the holidays, special anniversaries and even the daily activities right along with me. I know if I quiet my mind, focus on what I feel around me, I may be able to since her energy or smell her perfume. It's one of the great perks on being a medium. You can always be in touch with those who have passed to the spirit world but, what about those who aren't a medium. Can they learn to quiet their mind and feel their loved ones like me?

I believe we all can learn to recognize the signs our loved ones are nearby. The signs are so subtle you must pay close attention. There are no set rules on what the signs may be. Signs are personal between you and your loved one. It may be the smell of their favorite flower or the perfume they always wore. For some, it may be a favorite song of theirs coming on the radio at the exact moment you think of them. Quiet the mind. Ask them to come close to you. What subtle changes do you notice? Did an image or thought run across your mind? For a split second, did you smell a familiar smell you associate with them? Or perhaps, you felt goosebumps or a slight change in the temperature.

The possibilities are endless. I have found when a thought of my loved one moves across my mind, I feel them with me almost immediately. That's how they let me know they are here.

I know it hard to lose a loved one. Special holidays can be brutal. As Mother's Day approaches, I know there are many of you out there wishing your mom was still with you or maybe you are a mother who is missing a child in Heaven. I know Mother's Day must be especially hard for you. Please, know your loved ones are still with you. As my mentor often says, 'Love, like life, never dies.' Their love for you continues to grow and flourish. Hold on to that.

To help me get through Mother's Day, I decided to start a new tradition. Today, as I was out shopping, I came across a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I immediately thought of Mom. I felt her draw close and I felt a little nudge from her to pick out some flowers. I smiled and said, for you Mom I will buy these flowers for you. I will place them on the table in your honor. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mom.