Mediumship is Hard Ya'll

Mediumship is hard ya’ll. It’s not all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. I’ve been intuitive all my life. My first encounter with spirit, that I can recall, was around the age of 5 years. I saw clear as a day a native American Indian crouching behind a desk in my bedroom. He motioned for me to be quiet and I knew instinctively, I was not to tell my sister who was in the room. I was aware of his presence for sometime and then he was gone. My awareness of spirit was sporadic all through life until I hit the age of 50, you know that pivotal time in your life when you all of a sudden wake up and say WTH and you decide it’s finally time to make the most of life because the realization that there’s not much life left in you hits you like a ton of bricks. Yeah, it was at that moment when the journey began of my curiosity on this whole thing called mediumship.

By this time, I had seen James Van Praag, John Edward, Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell on TV. Their demonstrations were all I had to go on. Let’s face it folks, they made it look pretty darn easy. I was still in denial that I was like them but, I was willing to take the risk, join a circle in my local town and see what happens.

I still remember that first night I went. I arrived late because I couldn’t find a parking space. I knocked on the locked door several times before someone came bounding down the stairs to let me inside. I walked up the stairs scared to death not knowing what would happen.

I’ll tell you what happened. Holy crap is what happened! I was asked to do a psychic reading on a lady in the circle. I told the tutor I wasn’t psychic. I told her I only saw dead people.

She smiled and said, “Sure you are psychic. All mediums are psychic.”

In which I replied, “I’m not a medium or a psychic. I only see dead people.”

One can only imagine what was going through the minds of the others in the group. I’m sure they were thinking ‘Bloody American doesn’t even know what her gifts are!’

I proceeded to give the tutor what she wanted. I had no idea what I was doing. She said link in with the ladies energy. In my head, I was thinking how do I link in? What is that? Everyone in the group was staring at me waiting patiently. The pressure was on and I had no idea what to do! So, I stared at the lady. I figured, what the heck! Maybe it will work and if not, at least I look like I’m attempting to do something. Seriously, I didn’t even know what ‘link in’ meant!

So there I sat staring at this lady wondering what have I gotten myself into. And then, out of nowhere words began to fall from my lips and the kind lady was nodding yes. Say what? Could this be real? Did I link in? If yes, HOW? I gave the lady a psychic reading beginning with her birth. I hit all the important life-changing events in her life just as the tutor had asked me to do. She was able to take everything I gave her. Holy moly! Who would have thought I could do a psychic reading? Not me!

I remember going home and calling my friend. I was so excited to know that seeing dead people wasn’t the only thing about me. I was psychic too! I was over the moon. My mind was spinning with a million thoughts flying in and out. What did this all mean? What would happen next? Am I a medium and a psychic?

I continued on with the circle learning every week a little more about what I could do. I began building a relationship with my guides. Week after week, I was able to give readings in my circle. I felt like I had finally come home. I was finally doing what my soul had desired. This was it!

That was then and this is now. Now, I know so much more about what I wasn’t doing in the beginning. Now, I’m having to learn how to recognize when I’m in my power and when I drop out. Now, I’m expected to get concrete practical evidence that no one else in the audience can take. Evidence that fits one person and one person only. Now, I’m expected to detect when a platform demonstrator drops out of the power and goes psychic. So long to the vague evidence that could fit just about everyone in the audience.

No more granny’s with curly grey hair and glasses who loved baking in the kitchen. No more grandpa’s who loved nature, working in the garden, and had a connection to a war. No more granny’s wearing aprons who stayed home and looked after the family. Gone are the days of having a warm, loving granny or grandpa. Gone are the days of having a granny or grandpa who loved to smile, give hugs and loved their grandchildren. Gone are the days of baking pies in the kitchen.

Now, I must have specific evidence that ties in with each friend from the spirit world. I must weave the story of their life, the highlights of their life, all the while building the essence of their character.

Now, I must delve into the life of the sweet, loving, curly grey haired granny who wears glasses. I must reveal how she once hid the Jewish children during the holocaust. I must tell the story of the countless lives she saved and how the Jewish community placed a statue of her in her honor so they could remember all the good she had done for them.

Now, I must share the story of the nan and opa who met during World War II. He was a prisoner of war and she walked past him every day on her way to work. The only thing that separated them was the fence and two countries who were at war. They fell in love. They wanted to get married despite everyone telling them it would never last. The defied the odds and married as soon as he was set free. They lived to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. The Queen honored them on the 60th anniversary for being the first British and German prisoner to wed in the United Kingdom. He passed away first. She was never the same after he passed because you see, in the 60+ years they were together, they were never apart. She died of a broken heart a few years later.

Now, I must reveal the story of the teenager who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and how he stepped up to diffuse a bad situation only to have his life taken from him. I must weave the emotional scars this young man holds onto as he looks down on his family and sees the pain and suffering they are going through while trying to come to grips with his passing. I must encourage the family to let go of the anger they hold inside as the two people who took his life are set free. I must bring comforting words to the brother left behind who blames himself for his brothers death. I must help him realize, there was nothing he could have done. I must deliver the message to the mother and brothers left behind that their Johnny is still with them. He loves them and will never leave their side.

Mediumship isn’t easy ya’ll. It doesn’t come floating to you on fluffy clouds being pulled by unicorns with rainbows and butterflies fluttering overhead. You must work hard to be the best you can be. Mediums are always evolving, always challenging themselves to bring better evidence. The work we do here on Earth is more important now than ever before.

We are not just mediums bringing evidence of survival. We are mediums who move beyond the evidence. We heal the masses through our words and our devotion to the spirit world. We connect families to loved ones so they can have that chance to say what they didn’t get to say before their loved one left. We build a bridge between two worlds so the dad in the spirit world can tell his daughter or son the things he wished he had said before he left this world. We give love and support to the bereaved. We bring the continuation of life after death to the forefront. 

Mediumship is hard ya’ll!

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