Planting Seeds in Mediumship

Have you ever said these words? I’m sitting in the power but, nothing is happening. I’m doing the exercises but, it doesn’t go the way it should. I practice all the time but I can’t see any progress. I think spirit blocked me or the sitter is blocking me. Is this you? 

Most mediums have these thoughts at some point along their journey or thoughts that are similar. It’s okay. We live in a world of instant results. Unfortunately, navigating through the mediumship path isn’t instant. It is true, we are able to connect with the spirit world most of the time but, there are those times when you feel as if you’ve hit a wall. Nothing you do seems to get you beyond the wall despite doing everything your teachers are teaching. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the final outcome. We are always looking at the finished prize, that moment you reach the ‘professional’ medium status that we miss what is going on behind the scenes. 

So what is going on behind the scenes? What must occur so we can finally say, I’m a working medium? 

It’s human nature to build a box to sit inside of and fill it with our own ideas of how things will play out but, in the real world, it doesn’t seem to go as we had initially perceived. When things go astray from what we thought, we become agitated and often begin to place blame on outside influences. Somehow we miss seeing the big picture. 

Let’s take a look at what you’ve put in that oh so comfortable mediumship box in which you live. What are the expectations you’ve placed there? Do you expect your mediumship to blossom overnight? I mean you have all the tools you need to do this work within, right? So, if you have the tools, why isn’t it going more quickly?

I believe we must climb out of that comfortable box we’ve created. We must go beyond the box and throw away any preconceived ideas we have in our heads. If I’ve learned anything in mediumship, it is that it never ever goes the way I thought it was going to go. Ever. 

I believe, in mediumship, it’s more than the harvest you reap. It’s about the seeds that you have planted. Whether you are a seasoned medium working with clients or a medium in training, we all plant seeds. Seasoned mediums plant seeds for their clients to take with them when they leave and training mediums plant seeds for their development.

Let’s focus on the training medium for now. 

When you are sitting in the power and nothing is happening, according to you, what do you think the spirit world is doing? You are in your power. It is the perfect opportunity for the spirit world to come in and work with you behind the scenes. Trust spirit to always be there. 

I sat with my guide for one year and he would not speak to me. It was like the great standoff between him and I. After about a year, he finally began to answer my many questions. I know now, in that one year a bond was forming and I could feel shifts within my self especially as I began to heal. Trust your development is moving exactly as intended. 

I know what you’re thinking, but what about the exercises I’ve done over and over? I wandered the same thing. We’re no different. Here’s what I learned on my journey. 

The first time I tried a new exercise, I planted a seed. I may have fallen flat on face in my attempts to do the exercise, but I at least had success in planting the seed. 

Now, like all seeds, one must nurture the seed, make sure it has water and sun to grow. It takes time for it to sprout. It takes time for it to bust through the topsoil and it takes time for it to grow and stand strong and tall. 

Mediumship is no different. We plant the seed in our first attempts and with each attempt afterward, we nurture the new learning taking place. We nurture our soul’s progression and the awakening that is occurring. We become stronger and better with each attempt. 

Learning takes place with layers. The first layer, you plant the seed. The second layer you take in a little understanding. The third layer or attempt, you go a little further in understanding than the second attempt. It continues like this with each attempt with the understanding becoming deeper and deeper until you are able to do the exercise with some ease. 

Be gentle with yourself on this journey. Mediumship is not like a sprint. It’s a marathon. Pace yourself. Nurture the seeds you’ve planted and if one seed takes longer to mature, think of it like an oak tree instead of a flower. It has more importance, the roots need to go a little deeper and it will take a little longer.

The same as in mediumship. Trusting in spirit was my oak tree. I had to nurture it for a long time, years. Some skills I learned were like a flower. I caught on fast. The nurturing was at the least. Other skills were more like the mighty oak. I had to give it time. I had to keep working knowing that one day, I would be standing tall, with my roots fully planted, and strong enough to go the distance no matter how winding or bumpy the road ahead. 

Remember, in mediumship, it’s more than the harvest you reap. It’s about the seeds that you planted along the way.

An excerpt from Kay's book The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship.