Signs from Heaven

Have you ever wondered if you are getting signs from Heaven? It’s not unusual for our loved ones who have passed to give us signs they are with us.  You’re sitting at home all alone and suddenly you hear a knocking noise in the distance. This isn’t a knocking sound like you’d hear if someone was at your door. It’s and odd sound, one you don’t quite recognize. You shrug it off thinking it must be the house because we all know houses are known to make noises from time to time for various reasons. A few minutes later, you hear the knock again and then again.  The hair on the back of your neck raises and you turn your head to the right expecting to see someone there but, the space is empty. It seems strange because you could have sworn you thought someone was there.  A few days later, you’re driving to work and the same feeling you had when the hairs on the back of your neck stood up comes again. You shake your head and try to convince yourself it’s all in your imagination. Then the radio switches stations completely on its own and lands where your mom’s favorite song is playing. You wonder, if your mom who passed away last year is somehow in the car with you. You laugh at yourself and say, don’t be silly.  Three days later, you are driving alone minding your own business and for a split second, you smelled your mom’s famous apple pie. A smile creeps over your face as you secretly hope your mom is with you. Millions of people have similar experiences all wondering if it could possibly be signs from Heaven of a loved one trying to connect with them. It is our greatest hope that we could somehow, some way reconnect with those we’ve lost.  There are plenty of mediums who claim they can do just that but, what about those who are not mediums? Is it possible for them to feel or sense their departed loved ones?  We all are born with intuition, the ability to feel, sense or know something without really understanding how we know. An example of this is a mother’s intuition knowing her child is hurt even when the child is away at school. The mother’s connection to her child is so strong, she senses something is wrong.  The imprint of our loved ones energy remains with us for a long time. We recognize what it feels like even after they are gone. When they come close to us from across the veil, the spinally senses will go off because we recognize the imprint of energy they carry with them. We may suddenly get goose bumps, feel a breeze swoosh by or even get a whiff of a smell that is clearly connected to them. They can be quite creative finding ways to get our attention. They are excellent manipulators of electronics and electricity. Flipping the lights on and off, switching channels on the radio and even projecting their image on a computer screen or onto a photo is possible.  Our loved ones in the spirit world are always trying to connect with us. There is no death only a change of worlds. They want us to know they are still with us and very much a part of our lives.  As a medium, I have people call me all the time with odd things happening over and over and they have a sense it is a departed loved one trying to tell them something. They automatically think something must be wrong, their loved one is trying to warn them and they want my help to see what the warning might be.  The first thing I do is ask them who they think it might be.  I usually get a name of someone they know in the spirit world right away and most of the time, they are correct. I explain to them, most likely they are only trying to get their attention to let them know they are around.  Unless the occurrences are driving you mad or it’s becoming frightening to those in the house, you shouldn’t need to see a medium. There are some things you could do to see if you can get things to ease up a bit but, first you need to be aware of some ways they will try to communicate.

Signs from Heaven There are common signs such as finding a white feather in an odd place, a robin or dove showing up and not leaving as they normally would do,  or hearing their favorite song on the radio but, did you know there are more signs? Here are a few more.

  • Unusual noises that can’t be explained that repeat over and over

  • Familiar smells that remind you of your loved one especially in places you wouldn’t normally have that smell

  • The feeling of not being alone

  • Suddenly thinking of your loved one for no apparent reason or seeing them in your minds eye

These are only some of the creative ways the spirit world will try to let you know they are there. 

What Can You Do?

  • Listen to your intuition. The first person you think of is usually who has come to say hello. 

  • Pay attention to the signs. 

  • Acknowledge you are aware someone is with you, even if  you are not sure or you don’t know who it may be.

  • Talk to them as if they were alive. They hear your thoughts. 

  • If it frightens you, let them know. You can always ask them to step back.

I know it can be a little frightening to think you have a visitor from Heaven near you. Just imagine what it must feel like for them to send out a sign to you letting you know they are with you and you acknowledge you got the sign. Imagine how happy they must feel to know you know they haven’t really gone anywhere, they are still a part of your life.  So remember, the next time you think your mom or dad has come to say hi from across the veil, you are probably right. Kay Reynolds trained extensively as a medium at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. Her book, The Evidential Medium, is set to published in June 2020. 

Signs from Heaven was published in OMTimes Magazine.