So You've Met Your Spirit Guide, Now What?

Updated: Jun 23

First Encounter Jubilee Or Not Quite What You Expected?

I had conjured up this idea in my mind of meeting my guide as a magical experience as I walked through the golden gates of Heaven with Angels singing and birds chirping in harmony. Yea, it didn’t go that way at all. 

I had purchased a Tony Stockwell meditation CD on meeting your guide. I popped the CD in the CD player and away I went. I did exactly what Tony asked me to do. Nothing happened. In fact, nothing happened for an entire week. 

My first encounter with a spirit turned out to not be my guide at all. It was my dad. Imagine my shock at watching my dad walking up to the bench where I was sitting. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was overjoyed to see my dad. I had been communicating with my dad for a long time but, I didn’t see him. This time I saw him clearly. It was a very emotional meeting that day to be sitting with my dad who had been gone for nearly 30 years. 

For a while, it was my dad who came. Then my grandfather came and one day, my dad brought a sister who died before I was born. I had wonderful conversations with my dad and granddad and of course, it was amazing to meet my sister who looked just like me. 

The family reunion was super cool but, I really wanted to meet my guide.

One day, I saw my dad walking up to me with another man. As he got closer I could see this man was Native Indian. They stood before me and without a word being spoken, I knew this was a guide. My dad smiled at me as if to reassure me I would be okay and turned and walked away. 

My guide sat with me during the meditation and continued to come and sit day after day. No words were spoken. 

I didn’t understand why I met my guide in this way back then but, I do now. 

Even though I wanted to meet my guide, internally I wasn’t quite ready. I needed to spend time with my dad and granddad. I knew them. I felt comfortable with them. I could have long conversations with them. Spending time with them was like a warm up to meet my guide.  

Getting to Know Your Guide

So, how does one get to know their guide? What happens once you meet? I would suspect it is different for everyone. 

I sat in meditation with my guide every single day for an entire year. You read that right, EVERY single day for one year!  Why do you ask? I intuitively knew I must do this. So I did. Here’s what took place. 

  • I sat on the floor. He sat opposite me

  • No words were spoken, none, nada, zilch

  • After a while, I began to feel into his energy

  • I began to learn about him solely through his energy

  • What I know now, our energies were blending together and our bond was forming even with no words spoken

  • One day, I got up the nerve to ask a question. Here’s how that conversation went.

ME: What can I do to learn mediumship?

GUIDE: Rule # 1 Trust


  • This conversation was repeated daily for a long time. 

  • Eventually, I gathered enough courage to try to manipulate the conversation

ME: What can I do to learn mediumship?

GUIDE: Rule # 1 Trust

ME: What must I do to speak to spirit better?

GUIDE: Rule # 2 go back to rule # 1. 

ME: Sigh

This was how I got to know my guide. My first lessons with my guide were TRUST and PATIENCE. Guess what folks, I’m still working on those lessons. I believe they are the hardest lessons you will learn as a medium. 

My guide and I eventually moved away from the trust lesson. We also moved away from sitting on the floor in my living room. He began to take me to a mountain ridge for our meetings. It was there on that ridge where he began to teach me. 

Everyone’s experience is different. Some people meet their guide right away. Some people go years without meeting their guided. Some people see color balls of energy instead of a human form. Some people see nothing at all. They only sense or feel their guide near them. 

What is important is to be open and accept whatever occurs. If you don’t feel your guide or see your guide, it in no way means they are not present. Perhaps it’s just not the right time for you to see them. 

OMG Tell Me Your Name Already!

Raise your hand if you are guilty of wanting to know your guides name. I think we are all guilty of wanting to know. I am no different. It’s what we do as humans. We give everything a label to keep things separated and to give us a way to identify one thing from another. 

I asked my guide many times what his name was and never got an answer. I knew he was an Indian so I thought I’d be smart one day and give him a name. I said to him if you won’t tell me your name, then I’ll give you name. I will call you John, Indian John.  

And so for a long time, I called him Indian John. One day that changed to Chief as I always saw him with lots of feathers. Much later I would find myself speaking to him and I would call him Grandfather. That was weird. Today, I just talk to him and don’t worry so much about his name.

Nine years after first meeting him he finally told me his name was Standing Bear. I thought, now that's a nice name. I tried calling him Standing Bear. It doesn't feel right. I've grown used to calling him Grandfather or nothing at all.

The thing is guys, a name is not important especially to the spirit person. In the spirit world, they identify one another through energy. If you follow the belief of multiple lives on Earth,  then chances are your guide had many names. So, which one would he or she give you? 

I wouldn’t get too caught up on the name of your guide. 

Focus on building a bond, a relationship as that is all that matters.  

Building Trust

Trust does not happen quickly.  I said I trusted my guide and the spirit world all the time but, when I stood on a stage to deliver messages, the trust would disappear. I began to doubt the evidence I was receiving. That is not trusting. I still struggle with complete trust! It is far better than it was but, room for improvement is still there. 

  • The more you sit with your guide, the stronger the trust will be. 

  • The more you talk to your guide, the stronger the trust will be. 

  • The more you work as a medium, the stronger the trust will be.

When we connect to the spirit world to give a reading, we must learn to surrender to the spirit world, our guides, and our higher power or God. Each time we give a reading, it’s like practicing or working on trust.