Spirit Guides

My greatest joy on being a medium is the loving relationship I’ve formed with my main guide and another guide who works closely with me on my mediumship. I talk to the two of them more than anyone else in the world. They are my constant companion, my mentors, and my rock when things get tough.

I trust them fully.  

I accidentally formed a strong bond with mine not knowing a few years down the road on my journey it would prove to be invaluable. Lucky me right? 

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same in forming a close working bond with your main guide. In fact, if you plan to be a working medium, it will become a necessity.

What Is a Guide?

The good news is we all have a guide whether you are a medium or not, who is with us from the moment we take our first breath and until we take our last breath.  Some people refer to this guide as a main guide, gatekeeper or guardian angel even though they are not angelic beings. 

  • Our guides purpose is to always be with us watching us and guiding us when needed. 

  • In a sense, they are like a mentor ready to teach us life lessons when we ask. 

  • They are not judgmental and they do not control us in any way. 

  • They come from a place of Divine love and only have our higher purpose in mind. 

How Did We Get the Guide We Have?

The decision for a spirit/soul to come to Earth is quite involved. There are many discussions and much planning in the spirit world that takes place long before the spirit's journey to Earth begins.

Every single aspect of you and everything that will occur in your life is planned. Nothing is left undone. 

So where does your main guide come into all of this? 

Your guide is chosen based on the life plan that has been laid before you. Your main guide is someone who has great knowledge of all you will endure while on Earth. Your guide will be able to help you through the good, the bad, and the ugly because most likely they have been through the same and have learned a great deal. 

You play a part in choosing your guide. An agreement is made between you, your guide and those who are involved in the planning of your life. 

Some people believe we all have a soul group of people in the spirit world that are connected to us in some way. If you believe in past lives, then a person in your soul group could be from a previous life. 

What I know is your main guide has spent a great deal of time in the spirit world. They have most likely been there for more than a few hundred years studying and moving into the higher realms of the spirit world. They have studied how to be a guide. Your main guide is not someone you’ve known in this lifetime. It is not a grandparent or a person who passed right before you were born. 

That is not to say you don’t have a grandparent, great aunt, friend or sibling in the spirit world helping you. We have lots of helpers.

Can We Have More Than One Guide?

We have one main guide who is with us from birth to death but, we have other helpers who come in for specific reasons and leave when their work is done. 

I have my main guide and then I have another helper who is with me almost as much as my main guide. I’ve formed a strong bond with both of them and work with them both closely. I also have other guides who float in and out of my life as needed. I don’t know those guides the way I know the two who are always around. I know they are there and they each have a specific role in my life. 

There are many layers to understanding your guide, the role of guides, and how to work with your guide. It’s really too deep to cover in one article.