Spiritual Overload: Choosing the Right Path

Spiritual overload is real, ya’ll! There is so much information floating around out there it’s hard to decipher what is true, what is not, and deciding where you fit in this puzzling maze. 

Like anything in life, sound advice is to breathe, take a few steps back, and sort through all the muck. Hey, if you are reading this article, chances are you are a highly intuitive person.  Use your gift in selecting your path. It either feels right or it doesn’t. 

What do you do if it ALL feels right? Yikes! It happens. It happened to me. I was so hungry to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. I signed up for classes on everything from psychic development to Native Indian healing to trance. It didn’t take long for spiritual overload to take over. 

The best advice I got from my mentor was to choose one aspect of this journey and learn it well before learning another skill. 

Look, guys, you have basically two main types of mediumship; mental mediumship and physical mediumship. Within each of these categories, you have more categories that branch out. 

Mental mediumship is the most common of the two. This is when the spirit world works through the medium using the Clairs. Mental mediumship can include any of the following. 

  • Psychic readings 

  • Mediumship readings 

  • Automatic writing or drawing 

  • Trance speaking 

  • Overshadowing

  • Trance healing

  • Reiki

  • Spiritual healing

Some people like to say healing is a group on its own. In actuality, healing falls into both mental and physical mediumship. Psychic surgery is a form of physical healing. 

Psychical mediumship isn’t as common. Contrary to popular belief, it takes many years to develop. I have a friend who has worked on psychical trance for over ten years and still does not work publicly even though he is quite good. Types of psychical mediumship are as follows.

  • Direct voice

  • Materialize in plain sight. 

  • Objects or people being levitated and moved around with no support. 

  • Table tilting is a form of psychical mediumship.

  • Spirit touches

  • Spirit lights

  • Transfiguration

  • Ectoplasm

  • Aports

A Dabble Here A Dabble There

When you lay out all the different aspects of being a medium, many overlaps. My choice was to learn mediumship first. While working on my mediumship, I also had to work on my psychic abilities. 

I accidentally learned I could somewhat create portraits of the spirit people I bring through. I decided to branch out a little and explore psychic art or spiritual art. 

I learned a valuable lesson. I wasn’t ready to do this and I had to back off for a while. I needed more time to work on my mediumship. Working as a medium is using an active high energy. To do psychic art, one must go into a passive energy. 

I was struggling to go from passive energy work to high energy work. I backed off the art, became stronger with my mediumship work and then gradually began to weave the psychic art back into my work as I learned to move between the two types of energy. 

My advice to choose one path and learn it well took on a whole new meaning for me when I struggled with the two types of working energy. It suddenly began to make sense. 

Find Your Strength

I am glad I dipped my toes into many different types of mediumship in the beginning. It helped me to see which one was the most important to me. I am grateful I didn’t spend too much time dabbling though. I made my decision and got focused.

I did some soul-searching and knew mediumship was the way to go. I focused for a solid five years on developing my mediumship before moving on to learn new ways. 

To me, it makes logical sense to develop your psychic abilities first, move into mediumship, and then maybe light trance states next. You can work on psychic and mediumship side by side. I wouldn’t move into light trance, such as psychic art until you are a strong medium. 

If healing is your love, then choose one style of healing and learn it well before moving to another style. 

You may find, your healing will naturally lead you into working as a medium. 

Once you have dipped your toes and have gotten a feel of the different directions you can go, choose one area and go for it! 

Kay Reynolds resides in North Carolina where she spends her days writing, speaking and working as a medium. She is available to come to your city to conduct workshops or speak. 



All written material © 2020 Kay Reynolds