The Evidential Medium

I will never forget the first time I walked into the great hall of Arthur Findlay College just beyond the reception desk. I knew immediately I had arrived home. Many mediums have felt exactly the same as they step into the hall. I knew I would be coming back again and again. Through the years, I would attend intense week-long courses several times a year. I was very fortunate in finding tutors who had studied under the great Gordon Higginson. I decided very early in my development all of my tutors must fall under his tutelage.

I learned about a woman named Mavis Pittilla. I knew nothing about this Mavis chick but, everyone I met said, you must take a course with Mavis. I knew there must be something special about her but, what could it be? I had signed up for a course in Eastbourne being organized by one of her former students. I had just completed a course with this gentleman in Wales and thought maybe I’d be with him again. To my surprise, he put me with Mavis.

We all gathered on the first morning, in our room. Mavis walked in and began to speak to us. I sat there holding on to every word she said. It was as if she was speaking directly to me and no one else was in the room. My eyes began to water, my throat tightened and I knew in those first few minutes of her speaking she had touched my soul in a way no other tutor had done before and I knew I had found my mentor.

I went on to take three fifteen-month mentorship programs with Mavis. Mavis was Gordon Higginson’s first student to mentor. There is no way to measure all I learned from her. I will be forever grateful for her generous giving of knowledge.

My training with Mavis and with the tutors at the college was intense. There were days when I cried, days when I cursed, and days when I wanted to give it all up but, I couldn’t quit. There was a little voice in my head that kept whispering keep going. So I did.

I am grateful for the wisdom my tutors shared and how they all helped to shape my mediumship development. They saw something in me that I could not see. They pushed me beyond my comfort zone. They were tough when I needed it and when I needed a more gentle approach, they were gentle. They were all instrumental in my development in their own way.

For many years I studied under these great mediums. As I sat in the library or the lecture room at the Author Findlay College surrounded by the history of the pioneers who came before me, I would often think back to my earlier years when I wandered around aimlessly trying to make sense of my world. I would find myself wondering, where was this training when I was young.

It is from those thoughts the ideas of teaching in America began to meander through my mind. Ideas for books came rising to the surface. After much thought and brainstorming for book ideas, The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for the Developing Medium was born.

I wrote this book for the medium who is already able to make contact with the spirit world or those who are ready to begin working on their own but, want to stretch their delivery of messages. That’s not to say someone new to mediumship wouldn’t be able to learn from the book as well.

I’ve written it in a way to give you practical exercises to take your mediumship to the next level and move you beyond your comfort zone. Each chapter will cover specific skills with examples and exercises. You’ll hear stories of my training, the good, the bad, and the oh crap moments too. I lay it all out there for you to see as I believe it’s important to know the struggles are real and not exclusive to you. Everything you are going through, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through it too.

As a teacher in public schools for twenty-nine years, I followed the KISS method, Keep It Simple Silly. I believe teaching mediumship should follow the same format. There is no need to complicate things. Mediumship is tough enough as it is so, let’s keep it simple.

The exercises are there for you to do over and over. You can’t become a medium overnight. I trained hard for 7 years before becoming a professional medium and sat with my guide for a year before beginning my training. Yep, that’s true! So if you decide to hang with me and go through this book, hunker down and get ready to work hard and practice, practice, practice.

So what can you expect from The Evidential Medium: A Guide for Developing Mediumship? You’ll have the opportunity to take a deep dive into your own mediumship journey and go beyond what you thought you could do. Here are a few topics covered.

  • Get to know your soul, your true essence

  • Understand the sacredness of our work

  • Practical exercises to push you further

  • Understand why and how we communicate with the spirit world

  • Deep dive into the evidence

  • Surrender to the spirit world

  • Explore mind journeys

  • Weave the story of the spirit communicator

  • Reach for the wow factor

  • Explore working with multiple communicators

  • Explore ethics in mediumship

  • Understand the role of the professional psychic medium

My hope is you will take something away from here that resonates deep within your soul and inspires you to grab hold of your truths and walk your path proudly. Take my successes, my failures and use them to navigate your own unique journey. Throw out what doesn’t resonate and hold on to what touches your soul. Do the exercises over and over as you will learn something new each time you revisit them and give it another go. Get to know your guide as I know mine for there is no greater teacher than those in the unseen world who signed up to walk this journey with you.

Lastly, embrace the spiritual gifts buried in the confines of your soul. You have all you need to walk your truth. The only thing holding you back is you. Your life plan is already set. So get on with it.

Your soul is ready to rise.