Kay Reynolds

On Being a Medium

“There is an empty space between here and there. You have the unique ability to transport your mind to this space in time between the two worlds…

…You have the ability to let go of your ego, push it aside and let your mind travel to a place that reminds you of home. Your spiritual essence has an extra strong connection to this place you call ‘home’ as you remember it before you returned to Earth. You’re drawn to this space. As a child you visited here often. It fills your soul with a longing or void that humans cannot fill. “

An exert from one of the many teachings Kay has received from her spiritual helpers/guides.



  • To serve Spirit from a place of love & truth

  • Bring messages of love, peace & healing from the spirit world to those here on Earth

  • Create a learning environment that inspires students to propel their mediumistic gifts to their full potential

  • Provide a safe space for students to move beyond their comfort zones allowing their mediumship to move to the next level.

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Embrace Your Truth

I ignored my truth for most of my life. I always knew I was 'different.' My first memory of seeing spirit was around the age of five. I received messages for my mom throughout my childhood yet, I refrained from telling anyone other than my mom. It's easier that way you know. If people don't know, they can't ridicule you. It took almost dying for me to finally sit up and listen to the spirit world. Too many miracles happened for me to continue to ignore. Once I surrendered, life as I knew it would never be the same. It takes courage, strength and conviction to take the leap but, once you do, your soul will dance. Are you ready to dance?

I’ve been a medium my whole life. This is my story.

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